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Merlin 511 - initial reaction

Ok, not totally hating the episode.  

We all knew Mordred had to turn, and this was the only opportunity left in the ridiculously truncated timeline we've been given.

Merlin was antagonistic initially, but then he knows something no-one else does of course, so everything he does has to be seen in the light of that.  But he tried, he tried to persuade Mordred, and Arthur.  At least he tried to help...and it was good to see his disbelief when Kara stuck the final nail in her own coffin.

And Arthur gave Kara the opportunity to dodge the bullet noose. She chose not to take it.  In the dungeon, talking to Mordred, said that it was her fault - and I choose to believe that.  If she hadnt tried to stab Arthur, if she hadn't been brutal in her escape, if she'd taken the lifeline Arthur threw her...it would have turned out differently.  But then it was never going to be a happy outcome, because Mordred has to be by Morgana's side at Camlann.

Alex Vlahos was excellent in his portrayal of Mordred - conflicted, distraught and then...then...you just knew he was going to go straight to Morgana and dob Emrys in to her.  It had to happen this episode.

Morgana - minimal screen time, but nicely underplayed (finally) in her interaction with Mordred at the end.

So...the trailer for next week?  Oh dear :-( the Crystal Cave for Merlin, and everything goes to ratshit, as we knew it would.

I will leave more comments over on Tanous LJ tomorrow, when I've slept on it all.  Hey ho, 90 mins left.