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I’ve been holding the vast majority of my comments on the current BBC Saturday night ‘family entertainment’ travesty until the end of the current series.  But honestly, it’s getting harder and harder to bite my tongue.  In the meantime, I’ve been amusing myself by looking at the viewing figures that the ever-informative Gealach-Ros has been posting.  And the comparison to Merlin S1 comparable data just says it all really.

I’m happy number crunching on excel but my brain is more visually-orientated.  So here for any like-minded soul, and your viewing pleasure, are the Merlin Versus Atlantis viewing figures to-date.  It’s a basic chart but I’ll try and fancy it up once the final data is in for Atlantis ep113.

Merlin_vs_Atlantis_viewing_figs_s1_comparison v2

Snark-mode is now definitely on.  I think it’s fitting that coming up to the anniversary of Merlin’s demise, when you (J’s) made the majority of fandom weep on Christmas Eve (and not necessarily in a good way), that you are provided with a similar opportunity.  So here you go, read it and weep, Julian & Johnny :-/

Except… knowing the level of your hubris, you’ll probably just interpret (massage?!) this as a solid fan-base from which improved figures will magically appear in S2, rather than the P45 which should by rights be winging it’s way to you in the post right now.


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11th Dec, 2013 05:58 (UTC)
Thanks for this- they are such pretty graphs that I would think that the BBC and the Js would be able to understand them.
11th Dec, 2013 06:05 (UTC)
Nice to see you back. S1E9 was... good. Hard to believe, but it's true. Maybe that's why the falloff was so small for E10. I don't remember any of E10 it was so bland, and Jason didn't take his shirt off (sorry, I'm shallow).

The show is awful. I had thought the Merlin writing was horrible, but then this came along. I watch it because sometimes Jason takes his shirt off.
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